My name is Jadyn Elizabeth Dalrymple. My mom sometimes calls me “Jay-Rae” or even “J.”  I am nine years old, and I have two older brothers. My mom and dad love me very much. We get to travel and live all over the country because we are homeschooled and my dad has his own company.

I love snowboarding! I learned to board when I was 7 and have been able to spend close to 100 days on the mountain since then! I am competing in BorderX and might try Halfpipe or Big Mountain next year! This year (2015) I get to go to National in BorderX!

I like to do puzzles. My favorite thing about doing puzzles is to make up a story when I do them. It’s mostly usually about the puzzle, the picture in the puzzle. I tell stories when I play with LEGOs and Playmobil, too.

I also love to find rocks. They are very pretty and shiny sometimes.

I like jewelry because it looks pretty on people.

And I like clothes. I like style.

I like to scooter,  roller blade and ride my bike or Penny Board with my friends.

I like to play the violin.

I want to be a doctor when I grow up and love learning about how people get helped when they go to the hospital.