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Magic Puzzles

Magic Puzzles is a fun App to play on my iPad.

Because I like puzzles so much, my mom said I could get it.

Now that we are on the road, I don’t get to do puzzles as much, so Magic Puzzles is great because I can do them anywhere.

You can choose the picture you’d like to make. You have the option to choose to do the edges first if you’d like.

If you want to see what the finished picture looks like, you can press the “eye,” and it shows you the picture.

It is free, and you can choose different packs like a famous paintings pack or animal pack.

The puzzles range from 42 pieces to 550. Usually I just do the 143 pieces.For real puzzles I usually like to do 550, but on the iPad, it’s easier to do 143.


Butterfly Puzzle

I love to do puzzles. They are one of my favorite things to do.

I like to tell stories about the picture on the puzzle. So, I like to be alone, in a room by myself with the door closed.

My mom bought me this puzzle at Fred Meyer’s in Boise, ID to make during the month we’d stay in Seattle. I chose this one because there were lots of designs, it looked kinda tricky, and it was in the shape of a beautiful butterfly. It is 500 pieces.

I’d never seen a butterfly puzzle before. Some of the pieces were actually in the shape of little butterflies which was cool.

The hardest part of this puzzle was connecting the wings and head together. But I loved the symmetry – the designs were the same on both sides!

It took me about a week to do. Here is a picture of my finished puzzle! Ta-da!

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