We found a house in Windsor that we could stay at for two weeks. It was really cool. I had to water her plants though. She had a playhouse outside that I liked to play in. We went to San Francisco a lot.

My dad bumped into someone he knew from college. Then we decided to set up a playdate. We went to there house, and then some ether time we went to a beach with them. We got all wet. We were freezing.  We made sand castles and my brother made a lego guy. Then we went to another beach, but it had rocks in the sand but we climbed a big rock there. It was fun. Then we went to a popsicle place – it was really good.

I also got to see my best friend Anna. We went to Alcatraz and the Golden gate bridge, and she slept over at my house one time. We played in the play house together and dressed up. We had a lot of fun. I liked it.

Then the lady who we rented the house from came back we hung out with them for a little bit. we walked to the popsicle shop again. we had a park in our neighborhood, so we went there a lot and played blind mans tag and ultimate tag.  I liked doing the monkey bars there.

Then we went to find geo caches, and then we went on a hike to find a geo cache, and then we went back to her house and then we went back to there house and played a game called dutch blitz. It was fun. Then we went to bed, and in the morning before we left a hot air balloon landed on our street right in front of our house!