Gold beach was really cool. Some of my dads college friends invited us. The day after we got there we went to the beach. Tt was really fun. The boys played beach soccer, and I found rocks that looked like things in your body.

The second day we went to a park and played basketball, and we also went to a place called secret beach. It had a water fall and a cool rock that we climbed on. Then high tide came in, and we had to move our stuff back a little bit. I liked playing in the waves, too.

Then we cooked hot dogs, and I threw a watermelon peel into the wave and tried to find it again. And then on the third day we went to  a place called Indian Sands. You could roll down a hill of sand. It was fun, but it was windy and the sand got in my mouth and in my eyes.

Then we went to a pizza place and my dad gave us quarters to play in the arcade I played a bouncy ball game where you never lost. I got three bouncy balls. After the pizza place we went to the basket ball court, and then mom went and got ice cream. We didn’t tell the boys. Then we went to the store that the mom was at because I had to go to the restroom. Then we went home and ate ice cream.