Heidi is a good book about a girl and her grandfather, living on the Alm.

Heidi’s aunt didn’t want to take care of her anymore, so she took her to her grandfather, the Alm Uncle, and Heidi stays with him and lives in his loft full of hay.

Skipping the first half of the book….

One day, Heidi got a letter from Klara saying that she was coming to visit soon.

Fraulein Rottenmeyer was not going to come because she had heard a lot of scary stories from the doctor. (we think they told her these on purpose so she wouldn’t come) Sebastian, the butler, was going to take them up the mountain. Klara’s grandmama would go too. Everyone thought the fresh air would do Klara well, since she had been very sick.

Heidi loves living in the mountains. In the afternoon, the mountains look like they are on fire. She loves taking the goats up the mountain with Peter. She loves Schneehopli, Schwanli, and Barli.

Heidi also likes to visit the grandmother (Peter’s grandmother). The grandmother always looks forward to Heidi’s visits. She likes when Heidi reads to her and sings hymns to her.

Heidi taught Peter how to read so that Peter could read to his grandmother when it was too cold for Heidi to visit. But Peter would just skip the words that were too long or too hard.

In the winter time, Heidi and her grandfather lived in Dorfli because their hutt would get snowed in. Her grandfather promised the pastor that he would take Heidi to Dorfli so she could go to school.

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