We went on a train up to pikes peak but unfortunately we couldn’t go to the very top because there was to much snow but it was a beautiful ride there were three waterfalls and some really old houses and the snow on the trees made it look like a winter wonderland.

Later that day we also went to garden of the gods we got the junior ranger program and me and my brother started to do it we saw some beautiful rocks and even climbed a few.

Then we checked into the castle. We weren’t actually staying in the castle but we stayed on castle grounds in a pink house. It was fun and after played tag and we had got cleaned up, we went to a fondue place. I had never had fondue before and it was really fun. We had four courses – the first one was salad, the second was cheese and bread, the third one was meats and sauces, and the last one was of course, desert. It was probably my favorite course. There were graham crackers, angel cakes, marshmallows, apples, bananas, pretzels, and some other stuff.

pikes peak