I really loved this book by Lindsey Eland. It was about a girl named Sunday who felt like she was forgotten as a middle child, and so this summer she wants to change that.

Her dad is fixing up a library in Alma. When her family goes to help her dad, Sunday finds in the basement of the library a manuscript and wants to find out who wrote it. She thinks that will help her to be noticed more.

In the end she finds out that it was written by Lee Wren, a famous author! But when her husband found out that Sunday found it, he didn’t want her to share the manuscript with everybody. Before Lee died she wanted to write something just for them. It was a special, private story.

So instead of sharing that, Sunday shares something else. In the end she’s still one of “the six,” but sees that that’s enough.

I liked this story because it had both adventure and mystery. My favorite character was Beau, Sunday’s little brother – he was always very sweet and thoughtful.

This is a special copy of the book because the author signed this especially for me. We met her in Breckenridge, Colorado where she lives with her 4 kids, one who plays lacrosse with my brother Isaac.