I loved backpacking in the Sierra Nevada’s.

We were camped right next to a lake and stream, and it was a very short hike to a beautiful waterfall. Every morning and night Isaac and I would go and wash our feet and drink with our Life straws in the stream.

Every day we would go hiking to some beautiful lake like blue heaven, hungry packer, moonlight lake, and echo lake.

My favorite was probably Echo Lake. It was a beautiful lake and we had like a two hour game of uno at the top.

It was fun eating out there except for the mosquitos. You couldn’t sit down and eat; you had to walk around. Luckily we had mosquito head nets.

On our way back it started to rain hard 0n the last mile. We all had rain jackets though so that was good.  We still came out drenched.

Thanks, Doug and Ruby for a week of great adventures.

It was a trip I will never forget.