One of the ways I learn about artists and their artwork is to look at a painting for a minute or two and try to remember it all in my mind. And then I retell all that I remember without looking at it. I did that with this painting (and the others), and this is my description:

the bedroom

This is a picture of a bedroom. On the right hand it looks there is a door that goes into the room and on the left, there is a closet. On the wall is a hook, and there is a towel.

The wall on the right looks like it is kind of slanted. There are 4 pictures on it.

The bed was pretty big. It had a red blanket and there were two chairs in the room, looking like they were made out of straw.

The floor is red and green, and there is a nice green window on the back wall.

I like this picture because there are a lot of bright colors and things to notice.