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Monet’s Garden at Vetheuil

Monet's garden at Vétheuil

We are studying about Claude Monet this term and looking at many of his paintings.

Today we looked at this one, The Artist’s Garden at Vetheuil. This was his own garden.

This is what I told my mom about the painting after I looked at it for a minute and then gave it to her to test what I remembered.

This is a painting of a beautiful garden. There is what looks like a girl on the path, let’s just call her Lizzie. (but it’s probably his own son) “She” has reddish hair and is wearing a greenish hat. She is also wearing a romper. In front of her is a wheel barrel. In the front of the path are several blue and white big vases with big flowers. The garden is mostly filled with sunflowers.

Behind “Lizzie” is another child and adult. The path is mostly dirt, but there are also steps up to a very big house!

It looks like a beautiful day. The sky is blue with big white clouds. 

The Night Cafe

This is another painting by Vincent Van Gogh. It is a picture of a room with people eating and drinking.  I think there are 6 people in the room.

There is a pool table in the middle of the room. There are some curtains at the back of the room that probably lead to the bathroom.  And there is a big clock at the back of the room.

One man is standing, and two men look like they are kind of laying their heads on the table.


The Bedroom by Vincent Van Gogh

One of the ways I learn about artists and their artwork is to look at a painting for a minute or two and try to remember it all in my mind. And then I retell all that I remember without looking at it. I did that with this painting (and the others), and this is my description:

the bedroom

This is a picture of a bedroom. On the right hand it looks there is a door that goes into the room and on the left, there is a closet. On the wall is a hook, and there is a towel.

The wall on the right looks like it is kind of slanted. There are 4 pictures on it.

The bed was pretty big. It had a red blanket and there were two chairs in the room, looking like they were made out of straw.

The floor is red and green, and there is a nice green window on the back wall.

I like this picture because there are a lot of bright colors and things to notice.

Cafe Terrace at Night

This is a picture of a cafe and shops in the evening.

It looks like people are getting an evening snack or a late dinner. The shutters are open in the top windows. It looks like there is a stairway coming down. The shops are well-lit. And in the sky, the stars look like glowing flowers.

I like this picture because it looks bright and joyful because of the greens and yellows. The cobblestones with their different colors look like they are shimmering.

I would have on a nice black hat and a long black dress if I was sitting here with a friend when I was older.


Hospital at Saint-Rémy-de -Provence

This picture by Vincent Van Gogh is of a beautiful big yellow building, a type of hospital, with a nice brown curvy tree outside, and a man standing by the tree. The man looks kind of old with his hands on hips and looks like he’s thinking about something although you can’t see his face too well. There looks like a blurry woman in the doorway.

The ground looks kind of dead and “slopey.” There are white roses outside of the building and a balcony at the top. There are about 6 windows.

Van Gogh uses mostly tans and browns, green and blues in this painting.

I really like the tree and the yellow building (the hospital), with the green shutters.

Van Gogh spent a year here at this asylum (self-admitted) and painted several paintings while he was here.


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