Monet's garden at Vétheuil

We are studying about Claude Monet this term and looking at many of his paintings.

Today we looked at this one, The Artist’s Garden at Vetheuil. This was his own garden.

This is what I told my mom about the painting after I looked at it for a minute and then gave it to her to test what I remembered.

This is a painting of a beautiful garden. There is what looks like a girl on the path, let’s just call her Lizzie. (but it’s probably his own son) “She” has reddish hair and is wearing a greenish hat. She is also wearing a romper. In front of her is a wheel barrel. In the front of the path are several blue and white big vases with big flowers. The garden is mostly filled with sunflowers.

Behind “Lizzie” is another child and adult. The path is mostly dirt, but there are also steps up to a very big house!

It looks like a beautiful day. The sky is blue with big white clouds.