This is a story I wrote for my class with Bravewriter. I had to pick a color and go on a walk, looking for the color and then freewrite afterwards. I picked the color, teal. My mom picked the color, yellow. Here’s my story:


Once upon a time there was a rock name Teal. Teal was the only one of her color there were many orange characters and yellow and red but no teal and nobody wanted to play with her. Which made her very sad.

She thought it was because she wasn’t the same color as them but it was really because they were jealous of her. They thought she was so much prettier than them so for some odd reason they didn’t play with her.

So one day Teal decided to go out on a journey to find someone who was teal like her. She met very many different people along the way such as magenta mushrooms, yellow leaves but never anyone who was teal.

She asked each and every one of them if they knew anyone who was teal but each and every one of them said no you are special.

The last person she met on her journey was a beautiful white shiny rock who said her name was Shimmer Rock. Shimmer Rock was the most beautiful being Teal had ever seen and the nicest.

Shimmer Rock invited Teal to come to her house for some tea and something to eat. Teal gratefully accepted for she hadn’t eaten in a while and was starving. So they walked to Shimmer Rocks house which was very beautiful. After Teal had eaten enough Shimmer Rock asked Teal to tell her story so Teal told her story and Shimmer Rock didn’t interrupt once only listening intently.

Once Teal was done Shimmer Rock said when I was younger I used to be sad too because I was different and everybody kept telling me that I was special but I didn’t believe them. I just wished that I was like everyone else, but then I met a purple flower named Delicate Wild and she explained to me that I was special but that I could be whatever I wanted to be, but I always had to remember to always be myself.

“And so I am going to tell you the same thing, Teal,” Shimmer Rock said: “Remember to always be yourself.”