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Going to the International Childrens Games

This year I got the super cool opportunity to go to the International Children’s Games in Lake Placid with Team Summit representing the town of Frisco.

In the fall I wrote an essay to apply, and after they reviewed that and my past results, I got in! I was super excited because a lot of my friends would be going, too.  Before we went, we had a day where we went on television, and I and my two other friends were the main speakers. When I wrote my essay, I didn’t expect that the event would be so big!


At the beginning of January, we were off! In the evening we got on a shuttle to a hotel in Denver, and the next morning we caught our flight very early in the morning. It was a long flight, and then we had to drive another couple hours to get to Lake Placid. When we got there, there was a little party with ice cream and pin trading.

The next day we went to the mountain and started practicing on the Slopestyle and BoarderX course. I was originally just going for BoarderX, but sadly as there were not as many girls as expected, I ended up competing in both Slopestyle and BoarderX. I remember being absolutely freezing that first day! That night was opening ceremonies. Opening ceremonies was super cool! We walked in with a flag with Team Frisco on it. There were flashing lights and lots of people in the audience. It was so cool to be on the same ice rink that “The Miracle on Ice” took place.

opening ceremonies

The following day was the first competition day, Slopestyle. It was freezing again that day, but I was really excited to compete. Qualifiers were first, but since we didn’t have many girls, we knew that all of us had already qualified for finals. After qualifiers, I was in fourth. We moved on to finals and did our first runs, I was in second after the first run and that is where I stayed. It was super cool because I got to be on the podium with my two good friends!


It was time for our final event which was BoarderX. I was first in time trials and then moved on to my next race. In my first race, I had a bad start because they had “ancient” wooden gates, and so I got second, but in my second race which was finals, I fixed my start and was able to win. I was so stoked, and I even got a little teddy bear for winning!


Overall Lake Placid was one of the most fun trips I have ever been on, and I am so hyped that I was able to go! I was so grateful to Team Summit, Rodney Robinson, and the Town of Frisco for giving us this opportunity.  I will have those memories forever, and I even was able to make some new friends.

One of the highlights that I will always think of when I think of Lake Placid was the pin trading. We had our own pins from Frisco, and you got to trade your pins with different people from around the world. I have all of my pins on a hat from Lake Placid so that I can always remember them.



If I Could Change A Day


My mom is publishing a book this month through BreckCreate. It is a beautiful collection of short stories and artwork from Middle School and High School students in Summit County. You can find it here on Amazon. My brother Isaac will have his Peregrine Falcon drawing in it. This is the short story that I wrote for the book. It is based on a true story, but not totally true.


If I could change a day, I would change the day when my world collapsed, or so I thought it had. It was a cold, snowy day in November. Sure, I had thought that my life would change a little bit that day, but I never would have thought that when I climbed in the car that morning, it would change like it did.

🌸 🌸 🌸

I sat in the car waiting. If my mom didn’t get in the car in two minutes, I would be late to one of most exciting days of the season – the first slopestyle competition this year.

“Sorry,” my mom said as she hurriedly scrambled into the car. She started the car, and we pulled out into the gloomy, snowy day. I stuck in my earbuds and looked out the window. It was about a forty minute drive, and I barely got any sleep the night before, so after a few minutes, I was fast asleep.

When we finally got there, my mom shook me awake.

Today was the day I had been training for all season. I wanted to win it all. I could feel it. I was going to do a trick that I had been practicing for months. And if I landed it, I could win the competition.

I came up to the jump. I prepared myself for the back 5, slight bend in the knees, ready to pop. Arms ready to throw the spin. And most importantly a focus to finish my trick perfectly. I went off the lip, popping as I went off. I spun, but I had thrown it so hard that I kept spinning. I over-rotated. I hit the snow.

I landed hard, hitting my shoulder and collarbone. I slid down the landing until I came to a stop. The pain in my collarbone was increasing by the second, and I stifled a little scream. I waited for what seemed like hours, not sure if I could get up. When I tried, the pain was too great, so I just lay there. Ski patrol came skiing over to me with the sled ready. They gently took off my snowboard and laid me in the sled. They rode down, and I caught a glimpse of my mother, quickly rushing down behind me, a look of worry on her face.

They rushed me to the hospital, and the doctors checked me out. Turns out I had broken my collarbone. Badly. They told me I would be out for 8 weeks. When they told me this, I could feel the tears, pushing at my eyes, wanting to spill out like Niagara Falls. I tried to hold them back, but I couldn’t. I weeped. Not because of the pain – that was manageable. No, I was weeping because of all the memories, and fun I would miss, and of course, most of all, I cried because of the practice and new tricks, that would be learned, without me.

I got into the car and looked out the window. Still snowing. I had sat in this same seat a few hours earlier. But there was a big difference between earlier and now. Then, I had been excited, and ready to put down my run. Now, I felt that my life was over.

I walked into my room and fell back onto my bed. Today had not been the day that I thought it would be. I tried to tell myself that lots of people had it a lot worse than me being out for 8 weeks from snowboarding. Most people didn’t even have the opportunity to snowboard. My mom helped me get on my pajamas. I was still crying a little. Even though I didn’t have it that bad, I was still very disappointed.

I woke up the next day forgetting what had happened the day before. But then I felt the pain in my collarbone, and it all came back to me. I got up and went downstairs. My mom and dad were down there, and I went and sat down with them.

“Hey,” my mom said. “I met this girl a few days ago, and I thought you might like her, so I set it up so you can meet her today if you feel ok.”

“I guess so,” I replied.

Who knows? Maybe making a new friend who didn’t snowboard would be good.

I walked into the coffee shop, and after a few minutes, I saw a girl and her mom crossing the street, and I knew that it was her. There was something about her that I just knew we’d be friends.

We stayed and talked in the coffee shop for an hour, and it turned out that we had a lot in common. I really liked her, and I was so happy to meet her. This new friend made having my broken collarbone a lot easier.

🌸 🌸 🌸

So yes, if I could change a day, I would change the day that I broke my collarbone. But looking back, if it didn’t happen, I probably wouldn’t have been able to get to know my new friend or had as much time to spend with her that winter. If I hadn’t broken my collarbone, as bad as it seemed at the time, I wouldn’t be where I am with snowboarding right now. When I came back from my injury it took me a little bit of time to get over my fear of jumps and of ever doing a back 5 again, but after I got over that, I was stronger than ever and progressed like crazy.

About the Author

My name is Jadyn Dalrymple. I’m 12 years old, and I‘m in 6th grade. I love to snowboard, skateboard, rock climb, and play tennis. I have loved telling stories since I was very young. I also love to journal about my everyday life. This year, during early season of snowboarding, I broke my arm doing a front board on a rail. So this story is kind of based on that event.  Breaking my arm was a little setback in my season, but it didn’t mean my season was over. I managed to overcome this setback and ended getting 5th in Slopestyle at USASA Nationals.

I Love Snowboarding

jadyn snowboarding

This was a poem I wrote in school this week:

I love you, oh, Snowboarding,

I love how you’re fun.

You make my day brighter

when I ‘m riding in sun.

I go off of jumps and hit some tree stumps.

But whenever I’m gliding, I’m smiling.

Laughing with friends as I go around bends

Falling in snow always makes my face glow.

I jump onto rails, but I usually fail.

I love learning new tricks, while hanging with my favorite chics.

Boarding down hills while I get the chills.

Oh, Snowboarding, oh how I love you.

Thank You, Coach Terri!


I have had a really fun, progressive, awesome season with Coach Terri.

She is an amazing coach that teaches me so much while making it a great experience too! I have been in Terri’s group for about 2 and a half seasons now, and they have been awesome!

She has helped me learn lots of new tricks and helped me put together great runs for all of my competitions! She pushes me and prepares me to do bigger, harder tricks. I love Terri!


Snowboard Nationals


Snowboarding Nationals was really fun. I made it to Nationals in BorderX, Slopestyle, and Halfpipe.

I had Halfpipe first. I got ninth. but my friend Alyssa on Team Summit got 3rd. She did really well.

After Halfpipe was Slopestyle.  I was planning on hitting the first and second big jumps, but I kind of fell on the first jump. I am not too happy about how I did in Slopestyle and hope to do better next season. I got 17th out of 21.

My last event was BorderX. In time trials I got third, and I made it out of my heat on my first race, but on my second race, I got 3rd, and they only take the top two. So in BorderX I got 6th.

I had a lot of fun at all the competitions with my friends. And my coach Terri was awesome the whole season.


My First Halfpipe Competition

My first halfpipe competition last weekend was super fun. While we were waiting at the top of the pipe, we did human pyramids, human dominoes, and dog piles with the girls on my team.

For lunch we made a table out of snow and ate on it. Right before my run I got a little nervous, but once I was in the halfpipe, it was just fun. On my first run I tried to just get high and do some grabs. On my second run I tried to get high in the beginning and at the bottom two 360s. Continue reading “My First Halfpipe Competition”

BorderX Nationals


I made it to Nationals in BorderX. It was a lot of fun to race. The track was icy in the morning, and towards the afternoon, it started snowing. There were two jumps in the beginning, lots of tight turns, and a larger jump at the end.

On my first run I got second. The top two would move on and  the last two would be eliminated. I was in third for a long time and then the first place girl fell over the last jump. The girl in second got first, and I got second. I was excited to move on!

Overall, I got to race 3 times, making it to the concession round and placing 7th overall in the country! My family was very proud of me. Gabe was my biggest fan!





Snowboarding With Team Summit


Every weekend we wake up early and go to Copper mountain and snowboard with team summit. We learn lots of new tricks like grabs, spins, boxes, and jumps. We ride through a lot of trees. Terri is my coach and Sam is my brothers coach. They are awesome.

My brothers and I did our first BorderX a few weeks ago and I had nobody in my age group so I got a gold medal!

At my second BorderX there was people in my group but I got first so I got another gold. The next borderX was weird it was just time trials but I got first again and now I get to go to Nationals in a few weeks.


Living in Colorado


It is so awesome living next to Keystone. We can just hop on a bus and get to the lift in 2 minutes. Sometimes after we finish our schoolwork, we get to go. They have night skiing, so most of the time we do that.

We are also close to Vail, Beaver Creek, Breck, Copper, and A basin so the Epic Pass lets us go to all those. (With Team Summit, I also got a Copper pass.)

I got to snowboard for a couple months with my Uncle Mike while he stayed with us.

I snowboard really fast with my brothers. We go down lots of blacks and like practicing tricks at the park.

We have had a lot of visitors. Gabe taught many friends how to get down the mountain.

We have a tennis center right next to our house, so Gabe and I go every Tuesday and Thursday for lessons. I got a new awesome racket for my birthday – a Babolat!

IMG_1080In my house, I have a special room under the stairs where I play with my toys like Playmobil (thanks to my Aunts for a lot of sets for my birthday!) and LEGO Friends. I sleep in the loft area on a nice, comfortable futon.

I like eating at Noodles & Company and the Dam Brewery and shopping at the Outlets in Silverthorne.


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