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Thank You, Coach Terri!


I have had a really fun, progressive, awesome season with Coach Terri.

She is an amazing coach that teaches me so much while making it a great experience too! I have been in Terri’s group for about 2 and a half seasons now, and they have been awesome!

She has helped me learn lots of new tricks and helped me put together great runs for all of my competitions! She pushes me and prepares me to do bigger, harder tricks. I love Terri!



Snowboard Nationals


Snowboarding Nationals was really fun. I made it to Nationals in BorderX, Slopestyle, and Halfpipe.

I had Halfpipe first. I got ninth. but my friend Alyssa on Team Summit got 3rd. She did really well.

After Halfpipe was Slopestyle.  I was planning on hitting the first and second big jumps, but I kind of fell on the first jump. I am not too happy about how I did in Slopestyle and hope to do better next season. I got 17th out of 21.

My last event was BorderX. In time trials I got third, and I made it out of my heat on my first race, but on my second race, I got 3rd, and they only take the top two. So in BorderX I got 6th.

I had a lot of fun at all the competitions with my friends. And my coach Terri was awesome the whole season.


My First Halfpipe Competition

My first halfpipe competition last weekend was super fun. While we were waiting at the top of the pipe, we did human pyramids, human dominoes, and dog piles with the girls on my team.

For lunch we made a table out of snow and ate on it. Right before my run I got a little nervous, but once I was in the halfpipe, it was just fun. On my first run I tried to just get high and do some grabs. On my second run I tried to get high in the beginning and at the bottom two 360s. Continue reading “My First Halfpipe Competition”

BorderX Nationals


I made it to Nationals in BorderX. It was a lot of fun to race. The track was icy in the morning, and towards the afternoon, it started snowing. There were two jumps in the beginning, lots of tight turns, and a larger jump at the end.

On my first run I got second. The top two would move on and  the last two would be eliminated. I was in third for a long time and then the first place girl fell over the last jump. The girl in second got first, and I got second. I was excited to move on!

Overall, I got to race 3 times, making it to the concession round and placing 7th overall in the country! My family was very proud of me. Gabe was my biggest fan!





Snowboarding With Team Summit


Every weekend we wake up early and go to Copper mountain and snowboard with team summit. We learn lots of new tricks like grabs, spins, boxes, and jumps. We ride through a lot of trees. Terri is my coach and Sam is my brothers coach. They are awesome.

My brothers and I did our first BorderX a few weeks ago and I had nobody in my age group so I got a gold medal!

At my second BorderX there was people in my group but I got first so I got another gold. The next borderX was weird it was just time trials but I got first again and now I get to go to Nationals in a few weeks.


Living in Colorado


It is so awesome living next to Keystone. We can just hop on a bus and get to the lift in 2 minutes. Sometimes after we finish our schoolwork, we get to go. They have night skiing, so most of the time we do that.

We are also close to Vail, Beaver Creek, Breck, Copper, and A basin so the Epic Pass lets us go to all those. (With Team Summit, I also got a Copper pass.)

I got to snowboard for a couple months with my Uncle Mike while he stayed with us.

I snowboard really fast with my brothers. We go down lots of blacks and like practicing tricks at the park.

We have had a lot of visitors. Gabe taught many friends how to get down the mountain.

We have a tennis center right next to our house, so Gabe and I go every Tuesday and Thursday for lessons. I got a new awesome racket for my birthday – a Babolat!

IMG_1080In my house, I have a special room under the stairs where I play with my toys like Playmobil (thanks to my Aunts for a lot of sets for my birthday!) and LEGO Friends. I sleep in the loft area on a nice, comfortable futon.

I like eating at Noodles & Company and the Dam Brewery and shopping at the Outlets in Silverthorne.


Snowboarding On My Birthday

This is the second year I’ve been able to snowboard for my birthday. This year we went to Beaver Creek. It was a beautiful, sunny day. We went all over the mountain, from Arrowhead, the the Park at the top of the main peak. We ate lunch at the Ritz Carlton and had sushi for happy hour at Hooked in the Village.

Every time I got on a lift, the scanner played “They Say It’s Your Birthday!” I had so much fun snowboarding with my family. I got a lot of presents in the morning from them like Playmobil, LEGOs, a new tennis racket, and clothes.

I liked all the fun pictures EpicMix took of me for my birthday!








Wolf Creek

Our day at Wolf Creek was awesome.

My brothers went there once before, but I didn’t go because I was sick.

The boys said there wasn’t as much powder this time, but it was still fun to shred.

My favorite run was Navajo Trail. It had a lot of moguls at the top; well, every run had a little bit of moguls. Moguls are a lot of fun, for me at least.

My mom is beginning to snowboard better and said she liked it a lot.

I did my first black run here at Wolf Creek. It had moguls.

We went a lot on Tranquility. Isaac would lead me through the trees in a fun way; it was really fun.

The view at the top of the ski lift was very pretty. You could see a lot of mountains.

New Years at Wolf Mountain

I learned how to carve at Wolf Mountain, and my brothers learned how to do the jumps at the park.

We stayed for hours and went night skiing for the first time!

It was easier to see in the dark without your goggles.

Did I mention I learned how to carve?

It was a small mountain with only two ski lifts, but it was great for learning new things.

My mom stayed at the lodge the whole day.

We ate dinner there and had a really fun time!

There was a “black diamond” that my brother says was like a double green.

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