This year I got the super cool opportunity to go to the International Children’s Games in Lake Placid with Team Summit representing the town of Frisco.

In the fall I wrote an essay to apply, and after they reviewed that and my past results, I got in! I was super excited because a lot of my friends would be going, too.  Before we went, we had a day where we went on television, and I and my two other friends were the main speakers. When I wrote my essay, I didn’t expect that the event would be so big!


At the beginning of January, we were off! In the evening we got on a shuttle to a hotel in Denver, and the next morning we caught our flight very early in the morning. It was a long flight, and then we had to drive another couple hours to get to Lake Placid. When we got there, there was a little party with ice cream and pin trading.

The next day we went to the mountain and started practicing on the Slopestyle and BoarderX course. I was originally just going for BoarderX, but sadly as there were not as many girls as expected, I ended up competing in both Slopestyle and BoarderX. I remember being absolutely freezing that first day! That night was opening ceremonies. Opening ceremonies was super cool! We walked in with a flag with Team Frisco on it. There were flashing lights and lots of people in the audience. It was so cool to be on the same ice rink that “The Miracle on Ice” took place.

opening ceremonies

The following day was the first competition day, Slopestyle. It was freezing again that day, but I was really excited to compete. Qualifiers were first, but since we didn’t have many girls, we knew that all of us had already qualified for finals. After qualifiers, I was in fourth. We moved on to finals and did our first runs, I was in second after the first run and that is where I stayed. It was super cool because I got to be on the podium with my two good friends!


It was time for our final event which was BoarderX. I was first in time trials and then moved on to my next race. In my first race, I had a bad start because they had “ancient” wooden gates, and so I got second, but in my second race which was finals, I fixed my start and was able to win. I was so stoked, and I even got a little teddy bear for winning!


Overall Lake Placid was one of the most fun trips I have ever been on, and I am so hyped that I was able to go! I was so grateful to Team Summit, Rodney Robinson, and the Town of Frisco for giving us this opportunity.  I will have those memories forever, and I even was able to make some new friends.

One of the highlights that I will always think of when I think of Lake Placid was the pin trading. We had our own pins from Frisco, and you got to trade your pins with different people from around the world. I have all of my pins on a hat from Lake Placid so that I can always remember them.