This year I really wanted to focus on BoarderX more so that I could do my very best at nationals. Last year I hadn’t focused enough and sadly I got out on my 2nd round which was very sad.

At Nationals this year, I had done okay in halfpipe and slope style the days before, but my main goal was to podium in BoarderX. I had bought a special Donek race board earlier this year, and I was super excited to see if it would make a difference in my racing. I was the only girl in my age group on Team Summit who did BoarderX, so it was just me and my coach. In the beginning of the day I practiced the course, and it was super crowded so I didn’t get that much practice. I had the start pretty much down, though, and I felt pretty confident.

About an hour later it was time for time trials. I felt pretty good on my time trials and went up to the board to see my time, I waited there until all the girls had gone and figured out I had the 3rd fastest time! I was super happy about this.

Since we had a while until I started racing, my parents and I went down to eat lunch. I was so nervous and excited to see what the day held.

A couple hours later I was back at the top to start racing! My first heat I was in front, but I messed up on a turn and fell over. Luckily, I had a big enough lead, so I still came out in first. I went back up and waited for my next race.

On my second race I was in first, but then I messed up in the same turn again! The girl behind me passed me, but I caught her on the next turn and was able to pass her.

I went back up and prepared for my third race, semifinals. I knew that if I messed up in that same turn again that I probably wouldn’t make it to finals, so I made sure I knew what I was going to do on the turn so that I wouldn’t fall. I was super nervous for semi-finals because I had never made it past this round before. I was racing against another girl who was super fast too, I went into the first turn pretty close with the other girl but still in front, and then the other girl fell. I won that race and hurried back up for finals!!

I had never made it this far and was super excited. I was feeling pretty good and was ready to do my last race. I pulled out, and I was in first until the first turn where a girl passed me. I always raced against this girl, and she always beat me 😦 throughout the rest of the race I stayed in second and she stayed in first. The other girls in the race had fallen at the start.

At the finish I was SOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY!!! That day I went home super stoked. I’m so grateful for my coaches, my parents, and Gabe who missed school just to come watch me race.