a long walk to water

A Long Walk to Water is a book about two different people, a boy named Salva whose story took place in 1985 and a girl named Nya whose story took place in 2008.

Salva lost all of his family and friends during the war in Sudan, so it makes me more grateful for my friends and family.

Nya has to walk to a pond all day to get water, so she doesn’t get to go to school  or do anything else, so it makes me more grateful for clean water that I can easily get, and for getting to do school.

When it got hard for Salva to keep going, his Uncle would tell him “one step at a time, one day at a time”. So when his Uncle died and he was at a miserable camp, he just kept telling himself “one day at a time.”

Towards the end of the book the two characters met. As an adult, Salva made it to the United States and found out that his father was still alive!  But Salva’s father had gotten sick because of the dirty water, so Salva decide to help get money together to get clean water in Sudan.

There were two different tribes, Dinka and Nuer he was in the Dinka tribe. He helped his tribe get clean water, and then he helped some Nuer people which was crazy because they are complete enemies!  Nya was Nuer and she thanked him for the water and that’s how they met.

This was a very intense story that I really liked.

(One random neat thing about this story is that Salva was sponsored by a family to come and live in Rochester, NY in 1996, and my parents were both going to college in Rochester at that time!)