The main point of this book was that girls can do things, too.

The main character was Naima from Bangladesh. She hears her father talking to her mother and saying that I wish one of our daughters was a boy so that he could help him drive the rickshaw.

So Naima decides to drive the rickshaw, but it is too heavy for her to steer, so she rams it into some bushes, and she messes it up.

Then her father says that he’ll take it down to a new shop that just opened. He didn’t know that the owner was a woman. She decided to go down in her friend’s clothes, who is a boy and ask for a job helping to fix rickshaws, and she lets down her hair and shows that she is a girl, and she gets a job.

They are able to fix her father’s rickshaw if he lets her work for the lady. And that’s the end.

I thought overall it was a pretty boring story without too much adventure.